2023.04.18 to 2023.04.29    Jadite Gallery,                 New York   USA,                                                     Participation          

2023.04.04 to 2023.04.29    Glasgow Gallery of Photography,  Glasgow UK                                          Participation

2023.03.17 to 2023.03.29    Blank Wall Gallery,         Athens Greece                                                       Participation

2023.02.18 to 2023.02.23    Black and White Athens Photography,  Athens  Greece                            Participation

2023.01.13 to 2023.01.23    Blank Wall Gallery,         Athens Greece                                                       Participation


2022.12.02 to 2022.12.23     Venice International Art Fair,  Venice  Italy,                                               Participation

2022.11.04 to 2022.11.16     Blank Wall  Gallery,       Athens  Greece                                                      Participation

2022.11.30 to 2022.12.04     Red Dot,                         Miami  USA,                                                            Participation


2021.10.28 to 2021.10.31     Art Expo New York,       New York  USA,                                                      Participation


2020.12.19 to 2021.01.21     Praxis Gallery,               Minneapolis  USA, Subject: After Dark                Participation

2020.09.10 to 2020.10.11     Foto Nostrum Gallery,  Barcelona Spain,                                                   Participation

2020.07.25 to 2020.08.17     Praxis Gallery,               Minneapolis  USA, Subject: Shadow Aspect       Participation


2019.12.06 to 2020.01.20     Darkroom Gallery,        Vermont   USA,  Subject:  This Land                    Participation

2019.09.24 to 2019.10.05     Jadite Gallery,                New York  USA,  Subject:  Trees                           Participation       


2018.10.04 to 2018.10.21     Barcelona Foto Biennal  Barcelona Spain,                                                 Participation

2018.04.19 to 2018.04.22     Art Expo New York,       New York  USA,                                                      Participation


2017.09.14 to 2017.10.08      Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Multiples,                   Participation

2017.06.22 to 2017.07.16      Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Abstraction,               Participation

2017.02.27 to 2017.03.12      Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Black and White,       Participation

2017.02.02  to 2017.02.26      Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Le Paysage,                Participation 


2016.12.08 to 2017.01.01    Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont  USA, Subject:  Stillness,                    Participation

2016.11.10 to 2016.12.04    Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont  USA, Subject:  Green,                        Participation

2016.10.06  to 2016.10.30     Foto Biennale 2016,     Berlin       BRD,  Subject:   Seascape,                   Participation

2016.02.04  to 2016.02.28     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Shadow & Light,        Participation


2015.07.23  to 2015.08.16     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   War & Peace,             Participation

2015.06.25  to 2015.07.19     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Natural Realm,          Participation

2015.05.15  to 2015.06.12     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Black and White,       Participation

2015.04.07 to 2015.04.18    New Century Artists,  New York USA,  Subject:  Black and White,     Participation


2014.05.06 to 2014.05.17    New Century Artists,  New York USA,  Subject:  Black und White,     Participation


2013.02.07 to 2013.03.03    Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont  USA,  Subject:  Color Story,             Participation