2022.11.30 to 2022.12.04     Red Dot,                         Miami  USA,                                                            Participation


2021.10.28 to 2021.10.31     Art Expo New York,       New York  USA,                                                      Participation


2020.12.19 to 2021.01.21     Praxis Gallery,               Minneapolis  USA, Subject: After Dark                Participation

2020.09.10 to 2020.10.11     Foto Nostrum Gallery,  Barcelona Spain,                                                   Participation

2020.07.25 to 2020.08.17     Praxis Gallery,               Minneapolis  USA, Subject: Shadow Aspect       Participation


2019.12.06 to 2020.01.20     Darkroom Gallery,        Vermont   USA,  Subject:  This Land                    Participation

2019.09.24 to 2019.10.05     Jadite Gallery,                New York  USA,  Subject:  Trees                           Participation       


2018.10.04 to 2018.10.21     Barcelona Foto Biennal  Barcelona Spain,                                                 Participation

2018.04.19 to 2018.04.22     Art Expo New York,       New York  USA,                                                      Participation


2017.09.14 to 2017.10.08      Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Multiples,                   Participation

2017.06.22 to 2017.07.16      Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Abstraction,               Participation

2017.02.27 to 2017.03.12      Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Black and White,       Participation

2017.02.02  to 2017.02.26      Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Le Paysage,                Participation 


2016.12.08 to 2017.01.01    Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont  USA, Subject:  Stillness,                    Participation

2016.11.10 to 2016.12.04    Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont  USA, Subject:  Green,                        Participation

2016.10.06  to 2016.10.30     Foto Biennale 2016,     Berlin       BRD,  Subject:   Seascape,                   Participation

2016.02.04  to 2016.02.28     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Shadow & Light,        Participation


2015.07.23  to 2015.08.16     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   War & Peace,             Participation

2015.06.25  to 2015.07.19     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Natural Realm,          Participation

2015.05.15  to 2015.06.12     Darkroom Gallery,       Vermont   USA,  Subject:   Black and White,       Participation

2015.04.07 to 2015.04.18    New Century Artists,  New York USA,  Subject:  Black and White,     Participation


2014.05.06 to 2014.05.17    New Century Artists,  New York USA,  Subject:  Black und White,     Participation


2013.02.07 to 2013.03.03    Darkroom Gallery,      Vermont  USA,  Subject:  Color Story,             Participation