Latest Exhibitions



                                         Blank Wall Gallery

                         September 22nd - October 4th 2023   








                                           Praxis Gallery

                                 July 15th - July 29th 2023   


                                         Minnesota USA







                                           Southern Center for Photography

                                July 7th - July 29th 2023   


                                      South Carolina USA







                   The Glasgow Gallery of Photography CIC 

                                April 4th - April 29th 2023   

                                          Glasgow,  UK  






                                            Praxis Gallery

                                March 18th -  April 1st 2023

                                        Minneapolis,  USA





                                          Blank Wall Gallery


                               March 17th - March 29th 2023   

                                           Athens,  Greece





                           Black and White Photography Athens

                                    February 18th - 21st 2023

                                             Athens,  Greece






                                                                                  Jadite Gallery 

                                          April 18th - 29th 2023

                                                New York,  USA